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Freelance Web Designer & Developer in Denmark and around the World.

Web Development

I tend to code things from scratch, and enjoy bringing ideas to life in the browser.

My Skills:

HTML, Python & Django, PHP, JavaScript

Web Design

I value simple content structure, clean design patterns, and thoughtful interactions.

Things I enjoy designing:

UX, UI, Web, Mobile, Apps, Logos

Python & Django

If you have an application you are interested in developing with web technology, I'd love to work with you on it. I'm a full-stack developer which means I can bring your project from concept to completion. I work primarily with Django on the frontend and Python on the backend.


Fullstack Developer

About me

I am 35 year old full-stack programmer with huge enthusiasm to learn as much as possible in the shortest time possible. I have great satisfaction in automating tasks, you can say I am lazy but I prefer to say that there are better ways to spend your time than to do things manually.

My name is Christopher Rau, I'm a Senior Python/Django Developer from Denmark I have been using Python and Django since 2013, and I must admit that I love what I'm currently doing using this awesome tools.

I've worked in various industries, companies large and small, wearing multiple hats. My languages/weapons of choice are Python and JavaScript. Besides development, I enjoy building, tech writing, content marketing.

Hello World


Christopher Rau
35 years
Skærbæk, Denmark


Landesmuseen - Schleswig Holstein

Fullstack Developer

COVID 19 visitor register system include backend for add new locations, languages, logos and show visitors registration data, filter and checkin system.

Schloss Gottorf

Webdeveloper / DevOps

Upgrade Plone 3.3 instance and upgrade Python


Fullstack Developer

pyØkonomi - CRM system in danish language, multi user availability - fully usable with keyboard - warehouse, customer and arcticle module already done.

WestcoastCMS - Headless CMS system based on Django framework - example:

WestcoastShop - Shopsystem with own backend, fully written with Django, HTML5 and some Javascript frameworks. Backend is a mySQL Cluster.

Multiple Websites - Designing, Development after customer requirements - examples:
TipTop Ribe / Westcoast-Computer Shop / Ventus-Secundus


React.js / WebGL Developer

Update / improvement of existing CIMON website with WebGL, React.js and Node.js. CIMON is a robot on the space station ISS and this station is rendered in 3D. CIMON has loaded multiple textures for interact with it.


Web Developer

Update / improvement of Typo3 Installation and fix some CSS lines. Replace graphics, adjust CSS, colors and create new menu. The Daimler online style guide provides a collection of design resources, components and guidelines that guide you through the process of creating a new website in the Daimler ecosystem.


DevOps - Webdeveloper

Update Typo3 and update plugins, template, design and upgrade Azure Linux Machine


Where you find the world of code

I have a small office in Skærbæk where I program and design according to customer requirements.

Randerupvej 61
6780 Skærbæk
Phone: +45 288 321 55

CVR: 384 995 64

Support: support@rau.codes